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Student Services

Student ID Card

All London School of Law students are issued a photo ID card when they enrol. This card must be carried at all times when on the College premises. Students may be asked to show their card in class or when entering through reception. This procedure is part of the College's security system and is designed to reduce the risk of unauthorised people gaining access to the buildings. If you lose your card please see Administration immediately.

Opening a Bank Account

Students can open bank accounts with the numerous banks around the UK. It is a good idea to talk to several banks, comparing their services and the types of accounts they have, their charges, the arrangements they have for transferring money from your country and the documents they require to open an account. You will be asked to show proof of address and also a letter from your college which you can obtain by filling

Student Discount Travel 

As a student you are eligible for a discount on public transport if you get a Student Photocard. To qualify you must be over 18 years old and studying on a course of 14 weeks or more.

You can apply online for this discount at:
Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on 18+ Photocard 
  2. Where it says: 'Enter the name of your university, college, school, or establishment', type: 'London School of Law Ltd'
  3. Enter your personal information and create a password 
  4. The next page asks for your Student ID Number. You will need to pick this six digit number from the Admin office 
  5. Upload a digital passport-size photograph. 

The fee is currently £10
Please see Administration if you require any help with your Student Oyster application.

Council Tax Exemption

Council Tax is a tax in the UK set by the Local Authorities to pay for local services. It is based on property valuation. If you are living in student-only accommodation, you will not have to pay Council Tax. If you live with your family and no other non-student is sharing your house, you will not have to pay the tax as long as your spouse and children have been admitted to the UK with 'limited leave' as your dependants. If you live with people other than your family who are not students, then the property will be liable for Council Tax and the other people in the property (those who are not students) will have to pay it.

Your name should not appear on the Council Tax bill as long as you give the Local Authority a letter from Administration proving that you are a full-time student. You will be eligible to apply for this letter from the college after one month of satisfactory enrolment. Please ask for a Request Form at Reception

Registering with a GP 

It is important to register with a doctor as soon as you arrive. Don't wait until you are ill. You can register with any doctor close to where you live. You can get a list of doctors from your local library or your local Health Authority or phone NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or search for GP Surgeries on the NHS website . Take proof that you are a student and ask to be registered as an NHS patient.

For assistance with registering with a GP please see a member of the Administration Department.

Academic Advising

The LSL staff works one-on-one with students to provide academic advising and planning as well as guidance in selecting a major. Students receive assistance scheduling classes, matching their needs and abilities with appropriate courses. Academic performance is monitored to assure that students are making sufficient progress toward degree completion.

Leisure Programme

Studying at LSL is much more than just an academic experience. Being situated in the capital of the United Kingdom you have a fantastic opportunity to experience all that this exciting and cosmopolitan city has to offer. LSL leisure and cultural programme is designed to help you make the most out of your time in London whilst making new friends.

Activities organised by the college include pub visits, entertainment evenings and parties which encourage students to mix and socialise in English. Various other events provide unique opportunities for students to learn about British culture including trips to museums, cultural events and historical sites. Alternatively students may wish to experience the best of London's lively West End entertainment scene with organised visits to cinemas and London musicals.

There is of course much more to the UK than just London. Day trips offer students a chance to visit other cities and places of interest such as Windsor Castle, the university city of Oxford and South Coast towns.

Some activities will require a supplementary charge but the college will do its best to keep these to a minimum. In addition LSL students can get discounts on various sports and recreation facilities around the city.

Student Welfare Support 

Students will no doubt need help with different personal and academic issues during their studies. If you have a question or problem, it is your responsibility to ask for help as soon as you need it.

Your personal tutor/ supervisor are there to give you a range of academic and pastoral (non-academic) support. As well as talking to them about academic questions or problems, you must tell them if you are ill or have personal problems that might affect your studies. Your personal tutor will also refer to other staff /services for help with any questions and problems that he/she is not able to assist with.

Members of staff are also here to offer you career advice and help with the preparation of CVs

All members of staff will set aside time each week during which they will be able to meet with students in order to discuss academic matters.

This is based on an appointment basis which can be made in the office

Student Council

Every year the London School of Law asks students from each class group to nominated two represents that will form part of the student council.

The members will meet every term to discuss issues relating their learning experience at the London School of Law. They will voice opinions and issues raised in their class which will in turn be discussed with management and taken on board.