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Bachelor of Law LLB Degree

This programme is aimed at students who wish to obtain a qualifying law degree, whether for entry into the legal profession, or for other purposes.

The programme offers a sound academic education in law. It combines the acquisition of knowledge of substantive law with the development of skills in reasoning and analysis, and wherever possible it seeks to place law in the wider context of social, political, moral and economic issues. It is forward-looking, particularly with respect to Europe and technological change, and equips students with both legal and transferable skills.

The options enable students to acquire a more complete legal education, so they are able to take up a career in law or other professions.

Degree Structure

The LL.B degree is offered under four schemes of examination and students must elect at the time of registration which scheme they wish to follow. Scheme A is a three year course (standard route) and Scheme B is done over four years. Students study the same number of subjects except that in Scheme B they are spread over a longer period. There are also two graduate routes for those who hold a degree in another subject. Graduate Entry Routes A and B comprise a two and three year course respectively. (For further information about entry routes A & B, please contact the office.)

Standard Route

Scheme A (12 subjects)
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Subjects :
Criminal Law
Public Law
Elements of Contract Law
Common Law Reasoning and Institutions

This subject includes a compulsory section on research activities.
Optional Subjects Part 1 or 2 Subjects Currently offered at London School of Law and Management 
Part 1 Part 2 Subjects : 
Administrative Law 
Civil and Criminal Procedure
Commercial Law 
Company Law 
Family Law 
History of English Law 

Optional Subjects 3rd Year only Conflict of Law intellectual Property Public International Law Dissertation (this subject can enable students to complete the Law skills portfolio through the Law Skills Pathway 1 )

All Examination based with exception of Common Law Reasoning and Institutions which includes one marked assignment
Entry Requirements 
In order to satisfy the entrance requirements for the Bachelor of Laws you must: be over 18 years old Hold either two subjects at GCE ‘A’ level or at least three further subjects at GCSE/GCE 'O' level not less than Grade C. or three subjects at GCE 'A' level (with one 'A' level at not less than Grade D) or three subjects at GCE 'A' level and one further subject at GCSE/GCE 'O' level at Grade C or above or two subjects at GCE 'A' level, plus two further subjects at GCE 'AS' level Provide proof of competence in English which is acceptable to the University. A test of proficiency may be required provided it has been awarded within the past three years. 

English Requirement - B2 Level Standard, Ielts 5.5 or Pearson 51 Awarding Body University of London 

Key Information 
Hours per week: 15 hrs 
Weekend Courses Time : (to be confirmed) Start : October
Duration : Graduate Route – Two Years : Standard Route – Three Years

Fees : £4210 includes all University of London Fees